Vigier Excalibur Ultra HSH Tremolo Light Sapphire


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מק"ט: 117-VE6ECVU1 LS קטגוריות: ,
Type:Solid body
Number of strings:6
Type:Bolt-on featuring the 10/90 System (10% carbon, 90% wood) More informations?
Wood:Maple naturally dried for 3 years
Finish:Matte varnish, matching headstock
Width of neck at nut:42mm / 1.65″
Width of neck at last fret:57,7mm / 2.27″
Depth of neck at first fret:19,5mm / .76″
Depth of neck at 12th fret:23mm / .90″
String spacing at nut:35mm / 1.38″
String spacing at bridge:53mm / 2.08″
Action as supplied at 12th fret, treble:1,5mm / .0059″
Action as supplied at 12th fret, bass:2mm / .0078″
Type of nut:Teflon nut + hardened zero fret technology
Wood:Maple or rosewood More informations?
Radius:300mm / 11.81″
Type of frets:Medium
Number of frets:24 + zero fret
Scale length:650mm / 25.6″
Wood:Two center-joined pieces of solid, naturally aged alder. More informations?
Top:Flamed maple
Finish:Varnish dries for 5 weeks minimum
Machine heads brand name:Vigier
Type of machine heads:Over sized locking machine heads
Type of bridge:2011 non locking pivoting on needles bearings More informations?
Bridge brand name:Vigier
End pin:Brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place.
Pickup brand name:EMG
Type of pickup:H/S/H
Pickup model:EMG81/EMG-SA/EMG85 More informations?
Switch:5 positions
Electronic:Active pickups
Pickup selector:
1 Neck pickup
2 Neck & middle pickup
3 Neck & bridge pickup
4 Bridge & middle pickup
5 Bridge pickup
Weight:3Kg / 6.6lbs
Delivered with gig bag/case:Hard case
Left handed version:Not available
Strings:Vigier 9-46
Warranty:2 years
Made in:France

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